Updating an MD665 programme

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Updating an MD665 programme

Postby G4RPF » Sun Dec 18, 2016 3:40 pm

I've now had my set updated to allow its use with a modified microphone which is producing the Alpha/Numerical channel display. Looks wonderful and should be much easier to use in the car. Rather than counting beeps, looking at the numbers and or looking up the Zone/Channel number from a chart.

The modification requires the firmware in the microphone and radio to be updated. So while that was away I decided to write a new and updated code plug, taking into account the various changes that have taken place on the variety of systems and groupings. I started with the code plug that was previously in the unit and gave it a full one over. While doing this, I decided to upgrade my CPS from around Version 6. to Version EM5. All seems good the code plug was read by the new CPS and everything went along smoothly.

So now with the upgraded radio in my grubby little mits, I then proceeded to firstly read the existing code as a backup up and then to re-programme the set with the new code. This is where the plan fell to pieces. I assume that the new version of the CPS is happy to work with the radio as it read the existing file, but trying to programme the set with the updated code causes the message 'cpsdataver error' so the re-programming fails.

So can someone direct me in how this should be done such that I can my set aligned and ready for my Christmas journeys?

I also have an outstanding query elsewhere on this forum in regards to taking the code plug and putting it into a MD 785.

Some guidance would be much appreciated.


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Re: Updating an MD665 programme

Postby g4eml » Mon Dec 19, 2016 10:45 am

When your radio was updated part of the process would have been to upgrade the Codeplug to a later version. The firmware update program would have done this automatically.
It sounds like your original Codeplug is no longer compatible with the firmware in the radio.
This is quite common with commercial radios, the Codeplug version must match the firmware.
The CPS will still read the older Codeplug because it has to be able to work with radios with different firmware versions. It is unlikely that it has the ability to convert codeplugs.

Your only solution is probably to read the Codeplug from the radio, modify it, and then write it back. You might be able to make use of cut and paste between codeplugs to speed up the modification process.

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Re: Updating an MD665 programme

Postby G4RPF » Mon Dec 19, 2016 9:08 pm

Thank you to all of those who sent rep[lies to my dilemmas.

I have, today, called M L and S and spoken to Gary (G0MIT) who set me right on several things. As G4EML has said the CPS has to be updated to the latest version. The set was programmed using cps Version 7.06 and therefore I needed to be upgraded to cps V7.06.

In actual fact I'd gone a few stages further and gone to cps V8.00, but this is too far ahead and although it may be the latest version is not currently intended for use in the UK market.

So problem solved, remove cps V8.00, load up V7.06 (which I found on GB7DD's website), upgrade my code plug using V7.06 and then programme the set. What could be simpler. Having spent the whole day on Sunday converting and re-converting the code plug, reading the radio and trying to import channels etc, etc. I should have done my homework first.

As far as the conversion of the code plug into the MD785, Gary is going to do a conversion job for me. As G4EML says, it takes a hex editor to modify the code and then it an be introduced to another set. Simples. I'll let you know on the other thread how that goes.

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