Taken the plunge!

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Re: Taken the plunge!

Postby Metradio » Wed May 04, 2016 1:59 pm

Both GF and NS have the Parrot - ECHOTEST facility: TS2, TG9990..
Enter the above on a channel. Transmit and when you get the talk permit tones speak a few words, release the PTT and the repeater should repeat your speech back to you (parrot :-). Good for testing what you sound like and for testing new mic's.
Note: the ECHOTEST facility will not work if TS2 is already in use on your chosen repeater.

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Re: Taken the plunge!

Postby Terry - G0XTL » Thu May 05, 2016 7:18 am

Novice wrote:Did the light on top of the radio go a Green colour when TX?

Not something I looked at when I tried it. Will do next time I'm in range.

Will have to program a channel for the parrot and give that a try, probably be the weekend :roll:

Cheers guys!
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Re: Taken the plunge!

Postby Novice » Thu May 05, 2016 8:20 am

Glad it is working, I think this might be the latest UK code plug http://www.gb7dd.co.uk/codeplugs-softwa ... era-md380/ and the Taylor Made RF one is here - http://www.tmrf.co.uk/wp-content/upload ... F26116.zip I have to confess I have not used the latest but the last gb7dd code plus seems very good on my radio. The button on the side of the radio below the PTT will put the radio into scan mode a triangular play style icon will appear on the top right of the radio (this will cycle through all of the various channels/talk groups in a specific scan groups and stop when there is activity on the specific slot on the repeater) Remember to save your current code plug you have created before uploading the new one and remember to change your user ID and Call Sign before uploading the new code plug.

As I said please let us know if you need any help as it is a popular radio and it is great to get people on air.


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Re: Taken the plunge!

Postby Terry - G0XTL » Sun May 08, 2016 8:01 am

Well, I programmed the parrot in and took it with me up to the Wey Valley club on Friday night.
Works brilliantly on Parrot, confirmed with a short QSO with M0IAM.
Also fits nicely on the bike with a straight swap for the Baofung that normally resides there. Sadly, the bikes PTT is playing up (I normally use vox on the Bio) so no mobile QSO this time.

I will take a look at those codeplugs later on and see what's going on in there, nice to be able to do my own and being out of range most of the time doesn't help, but scanning is one part I haven't got sorted yet. Cheers :D
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Re: Taken the plunge!

Postby newtonfan » Wed Aug 03, 2016 5:04 pm

Ruyton wrote:Terry,

Welcome to the world of DMR :D

Another hotspot option you might like to consider is the DV Mega with one of the BlueStack boards. No need for a Raspberry Pi at all and easy to use away from the home. You do need an Android device, phone or tablet, to run the free BlueSpot app, but much simpler to set up than the Rpi.

If you Google for 'BlueSpot DMR' that will start you off.

I'm nothing to do with DV Mega or BlueStack, just a long-time user of the DV Mega on various Rpi's running numerous G4KLX images and recently MMDVMHost. However, my preferred setup now is a cheap Android phone with a data only sim card and a DV Mega/BlueStack Micro Basic board. This setup works both both DMR (Brandmeister) and DSTAR.

Very interesting post - thankyou.

Did you buy the Blue Stack Board etc., from the States and were there any delays in getting it delivered?

Best Wishes,

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