Hotspot Access to Phoenix UK

General information about DMR-MARC
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Hotspot Access to Phoenix UK

Postby CW-2E0UCW » Tue Sep 04, 2018 7:36 pm

26th August 2018
An update from the Network Admins:
Trial on Phoenix-E is successful so I have upgraded the Phoenix-F server.
Please only connect to Phoenix-F for MMDVM and DV4mini dongles, both Full duplex (2 slot micro repeaters) and half single slot dongles.
Only actual repeaters using 6 digit DMR IDs should now connect to Phoenix-E.

In regards to the changes affecting hotspots:

DV4 Mini users need to select IPSC under options and then select the "DMR+ IPSC2 Phoenix F" server. If this is unavailable, a control panel update may be required.

BlueDV users, the IPSC servers are not currently supported however a Beta PC version is being tested.

Pi-Star users can find the "DMR+ IPSC2 Phoenix F" server under DMR Master within the configuration section.

Unfortunately I'm unable to comment on other systems such as the SharkRF OpenSpot.

Updates are posted under the news section of
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