Licenced gateways

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Licenced gateways

Postby m0box » Wed Mar 29, 2017 7:13 pm


I'm the keeper of MB6IBO a currently licenced (attended at present) DStar gateway. DMR is currently enabled and connected to the Phoenix master server according to the dongle info. The NoV for DMR on the same equipment is expected this week as submission from ETCC was late last week.

System info is Pi3, Arduino DUE + ZUM 101 modem shield using the KB5RAB image. I am registered with ircDDB as a gateway and on receiving my NoV I will request a DMRid for MB6IBO.

The reason for adding DMR thus dual-mode to my DV gateway is that Cambridge has no coverage whatsoever for DMR. Proposed repeater GB7PY is stalled due to frequency issues. I am a member of the Cambridge Repeater Group and providing a DV gateway is some self training in preparation to turn GB7PT from Fusion only into a multiDV repeater for Fusion, P25 and DMR (Phoenix). DStar will not feature as GB7PI is dedicated to that task.

So to my question. How are licenced gateways envisaged to participate in the network. There seems to be several DV repeater applications bogged down with frequency issues, so simplex gateways seem to be a way forward to fill the spaces. As I see it, simplex gateways, be they private 10mW hotspots or wide area like mine, are treated in the same way and so are limited to the reflectors listed which are all UK thus no access to the TG world.

I look forward to your thoughts in the question.

Vy 73 - Simone - M0BOX - MB6IBO

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