UK DMR+ now an even broader church

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Re: UK DMR+ now an even broader church

Postby Ruyton » Wed Aug 19, 2015 12:51 pm

A question regarding the issuing of commands to a DMR+ repeater to link/unlink to a reflector please.

I've viewed the GB7RR website and I'm happy with the TS1 talkgroups.

Happy also with the TG9 TS2 concept, but what I'm trying to get my head around is the issuing of the 4000/4400/5000 commands. This is what I've done so please correct me if I've got it wrong (using Motorola CPS):

- I've created new 'Group Contacts' for 4000/4400/5000 with the contact name and the call ID being set to e.g. 4400 4400

- I then created new talkgroups within my GB7RR zone using TS2 and the appropriate group contact i.e. 4400

So, if I now transmit for a second on my new talkgroup 4400 TS2, I believe that this will tell the repeater to link to reflector 4400. I then change to TG9 S2 to conduct the QSO and when I've finished I select TG4000 TS2 and transmit for one second to disconnect from the reflector.

I do realise that GB7RR defaults to the UK reflector 4400 after 15 minutes, but I'm using the above as an example. I'm not actually within range of a DMR+ repeater to check this, but it will be too late to reprogram when I am :)
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Re: UK DMR+ now an even broader church

Postby Neil » Sun Oct 18, 2015 1:55 pm

I found it easier to create private calls not group calls. I named them with a + in front so +5000 with an ID of 5000. I then select slot2 TG9 on the repeater, go into contacts and on my DP3600 pressing left arrow a few times takes me to the contacts with a + in front of them. WIth the contact displayed just tx for a couple of seconds, when you unkey you will her the reflector status spoken back to you.

Using private calls means I don't have to add any extra channels into my repeater zones

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