Changes in the air?

This section is for updates about the BrandMeister Network, such as Talk Groups or changes to linking to DSTAR etc
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Re: Changes in the air?

Postby 2W0PWR » Mon May 02, 2016 6:20 am

It is very important to remember the following fact:
For a repeater to join the BrandMeister network in the UK or Ireland,
there are only 2 mandatory channels:
* S1 TG9 for local traffic
* S2 TG9 for reflector traffic
Any additional TGs available on any repeater are there at the request of
the keeper and their users. They are not mandated by BM UK. Therefore,
the two channels above, along with the reflectors programmed as contacts
will work on any BM repeater in the UK and should be considered the core
of any codeplug for the UK BM repeaters. Any additional TGs available on
any other repeater can be added to the codeplug, but should not be
considered part of the core config, and are at the sole discretion of
the keeper, and not the BM UK admins.

Regarding changes to the wider BM UK network, the following minor
changes have been put into place:
* Additional reflectors - These have been added to allow greater use of
the system and provide more scope for a QSY off reflector 4400 or one of
the regional reflectors. These extra reflectors can be added to any
codeplug as extra contacts, and this is not a major change.
* All 8xx TGs have been changed to 235xx TGs - This has been telegraphed
for a long time and is purely designed to bring the UK into line with
the rest of the world. There has been enough notice given of this for it
not to impact anyone, unless they have an extremely old codeplug, and
even in that case, the change is quite simple, just change the TGs
affected in the contacts list.

There are further improvements in the pipeline, to make things easier
for mobile operation, but once these are discussed and agreed, they will
be announced in plenty of time, allowing all to make the required
changes in time for any changes. As ever, we welcome constructive
feedback and hope this clears up some of the confusion.

Taken from FB and written by Dave M0AUT. This should clear things up a little.
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Re: Changes in the air?

Postby MI0PYN » Mon May 02, 2016 8:34 pm

To flesh out the above statement by Dave:
The only TG change there has been on Brandmeister is that there are no longer any 8xx TGs, these have been migrated to 235xx. This primarily affects 862 which is now 23562, and 860 which is now 23560. The 8xx TG used by Scotland has been abandoned in favour of reflector 4405.

Also note that 235, 23580 and 23581 are no longer in use, the function these TGs had has now been taken over by reflector 4400 as a calling reflector, with reflectors 4401, 4402 and 4403 being designated "chat" reflectors, similar in scope to the 23580 and 23581 TG were.

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Re: Changes in the air?

Postby sierra_za » Thu May 05, 2016 7:12 am

That system is only good for dongle users as for repeater users it makes no difference as the repeater us still in use.

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Re: Changes in the air?

Postby 2E0UCW » Fri May 06, 2016 6:50 pm

Since one can't add every repeater to a code plug I've just done all talk groups for my local repeaters and then TG9 on both slots (and roaming) for the rest to save space. I have all TG's and BM reflectors in the contacts so I can use it that way or add them easily as I program via a tablet.
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