TYT MD-380 poor scanning performance get-around

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TYT MD-380 poor scanning performance get-around

Postby G0APM » Thu Aug 13, 2015 10:54 pm

It's a shame that the MD-380 scanning performance is so incredibly poor.
One can only hope a future upgrade will address this, we'll see.

The only way I can make it work in a fairly satisfactory way is as follows.

Firstly create a scan list for each repeater that only contains two entries, one on Slot 1 and one on Slot 2.
Say TG8 S2 and TG9 S1. (as long as it's S1 & S2 it's not that important)

Create two 'Digital RX Group Lists'. One containing Slot 1 TG's and one with Slot 2 TG's (TG9 for S1 & 2 can be in both).

In each entry in the 'Channel Information' for a particular repeater enter the scan list for it.

In the 'Group List' enter the appropriate 'group' the corresponds to the 'Time Slot' for that entry.
(if it's a TG8 S2 entry use the 'Group List' that contains S2 entries).

In the 'Scan List' set Priority Channel to None, TX Designated Channel to 'Last Active Channel'.

Under 'General Settings' set 'Scan Digital Hang Time' to 10000.

When scanning is started and a signal is received the display will show that TG/Slot for 10 seconds then
revert back to the selected channel. But . . . if you press the PTT it will TX on the last received TG/Slot.

Happy days ..

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