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Tips, Hints & Tricks

Postby Paul-2E0SQK » Mon Jul 06, 2015 10:24 am

I know in the world we live in if a thief really wants that radio of yours then there going to find a way to get it no matter if its in the shack or in the car.

I have tried to collate some information below to help try and make it more akward for people to shift radios on should they be stolen and easier for someone to re-unite a radio with an owner should it be found.

First off make a list of the information of your radios, Make, Model, Serial NO etc if you can take a picture of the radio and make a note of any markings on the radio such as a scratch to the front or back even if its just the markings on the back of a radio to say what freq its on etc.

Take pictures, this might sound odd but take pictures of the radio it will help if it comes down to a distinguishing mark etc to prove that the radio is one and the same.

Mark the radio - when we first mentioned the stolen radio section on the facebook group Milo kindly posted this link, there are similar things on the market so am sure you will find one that works for you and in your country if not in the UK

UV Mark the radio - UV pens are easy to get as are black lights, I used to mark my gear with door no and post code but in this day and age were we upgrade kit and kit gets moved around one suggestion that was given to me was to put my initals and the date we could always do callsign and date. This way if you sell the radio the new owner can add there details under it. I do highly recommend that you register with QRZ etc you dont have to use it but it gives one more source to find the rightful owner even if its just to drop them an email to say have you had a radio lost or stolen.

Keep a bought and sold log - I never thought of this before but was one thing suggested by a member in my radio club. Keep a log of your kit, when you bought it, who from, price paid etc also log if it was sold and when and who to. That way if someone asks about a radio and you know who you sold it too you might be doing them a favour in getting the radio back to them.

This can be done for all kit. With the likes of RG213 you can even mark your patch leads up the side of the insulation.

Some radios you can have a power up sequence, I have put my call on my Yaesu and Motorola kit so that when it powers up my call sign is there for all to see.

Password protect the codeplug, I know its easy to just flash a new one to it but how many thiefs will have that ability ???? A genuine seller on Ebay for eg will know the password to there radio so again its one thing to ask them is it protected and do you have the password ???

Whatever we can do to make it hard for stolen kit to be moved on is a must.

If you do loose a radio or bit of kit or its stolen, do shout about it post up here in the stolen section, there is also the facebook group. Any information posted up here about a stolen radio I will try and cross post to the facebook group within 24hrs of the post if the original poster does not put it up there.


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