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DMR Guide

Postby CW-2E0UCW » Sun Feb 25, 2018 5:08 pm

There will be a few polls going up over a period of months on the DMR-UK.Net - Phoenix UK Users Group, in order to gather data towards the next edition of the DMR Guide that was published a few months ago (

Some feedback was received (mainly from newbies to the mode) but not sufficient to show that many major changes were required to the format of the guide.

Requests were made for more info on various hotspots and programming of different radios however I can only provide information based on the equipment I have available (and I'm not purchasing more). Thus one idea is to ask for contributors to do a guide on equipment they have that I don't then I can add this to the guide (unless anyone wants to send me more hotspots and radios).

However, the format it's published in is the next point I need to review as adding pictures and tables results in the overall size of the document increasing tremendously. Options would include the same PDF otherwise loom at doing an eBook, Amazon Publication or via our website.

Personally I think via the website would be easier to maintain, update and add new content plus users could easily get to the sections they want without having to scroll through the PDF or print the document. It also makes it easier for people to access the links provided.

As this is done for the users (not just those on Phoenix but all DMR networks/clusters in the UK), I would like your thoughts.

Feel free to share this on other UK groups as the more ideas I get the better I can make the guide.
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